Assassination animation

Now while i do LOVE useing these assasinations. There will always be a time and place for them. Before the beta for reach launched bungie stated you could do the animation only if you held down the button. Im finding it difficult NOT to do that animation. Am i the only one that thinks that the button must be held down 2x as long? And why do i get the feeling 343i wont implement assassination animations at al in H4?

(please keep them but make them harder to do)

No Assassinations for Halo 4 please. But if they really have to add them than make it so that I can deactivate them from the menu so I haven´t this lame animations every time.

no assasinations for 4

It should be made a button combo such as RB+RT instead of holding RB down… it happens far too often on accident and leads to deaths that could have been easily avoided.

I support that something should be done about them. They should stay for sure though… it’s like being able to tea-bag someone while killing them!

I like Vetoed’s idea. Make it less easy to perform on accident but kee it in because a) it’s cool, and b) it allows you to show off without teabagging.

> no assasinations for 4

please state why it shouldn’t be kept as an option?