Assassin Skull

Is anyone still here that remembers that massive search on that flood mission for a skull someone found in the hex code? Then about 500 people minimum from that thread were scouring the level, looking everywhere outside the map for it? Found those dead marines and other stuff?
Don’t think we found it in the end but thats one of my best memories. Community spirit and belief, :frowning:

never saw it, is there a video??

Was it the one on Cortana that gives you the Splazer & Shotty on the next mission?

I don’t think any other hidden ones were found. But there’s still tons of stuff in Halo 3 to find.

Oh god…not this again. The Assasin skull was a myth created by a youtuber who picked up an oddball skull in sandtrap and turned invisible. It was just a skull in an oddball game but he renamed the gametype “slayer” just to make everyone look for that darn skull.

I think they found it. It’s above the door that leads to Cortana in the reactor room. It has the same affect as Blind, but gives you a Splaser on Halo if you carry it to the end.

I’m still looking for the Assassin skull.

It’s becoming difficult to tell what is and isn’t modded - when someone claims that Bungie made an easter egg that gives the launch date of 2014’s Halo on the mission “Ark” I have a hard time believing it.

Scroll down…

That second skull in the Reactor room on “Cortana” is the Blind Skull. The first skull on Sierra 117 is actually the assassins skull. But Bungie cut the assassins effect and now both skulls do the same thing.