is it possible to add an assination with the gravity hammer added to halo 4 war games?
cause that would be awesome to see and do in some war game matches that every gamer would love and enjoy, something different to try out.


Knock him down from behind.
Golf swing his head off with hammer.
Assassination Gentleman Style.

that would be awesome. throw them down and bash their head off

Im more interested in a sword assassination.

It would be SO brutal if your spartan would run up on the enemy, and swing the grav hammer right across the back of the guys head, knocking him over. Holy -Yoink- that would be so cool.

> Im more interested in a sword assassination.

Yeah, like the one in Transformers FoC, the sword assassination is epic! You jump on the guys back and grab their head, tilting it back and shoving your sword through the enemy and ending by doing a backflip off them! MOST EPIC ASSASSINATION!!