Aspire UK - For people looking to go Pro!

Aspire UK is a brand new company that has been made specifically for Halo 5.

This is a company for the players who have what it takes to go pro but haven’t had the opportunity before. I am confident that some of the best players in the world just simply haven’t found the right team, or haven’t attempted to go pro.

Halo 5 is relatively new so stats on service records will be an inaccurate view of the level of skill you will hold once you reach your peak. As a result, the requirements are simple.

  • You must be good at communicating
  • You must be good at working with a team.
  • You must be available regularly and be able to make yourself available at set times (evenings and weekends GMT, and be able to attend gaming events with the team)
  • But just as much as any of the above, you MUST want to go all the way.

Once we have a team situated and ready, I will do all of the work necessary to ensure that we have exposure we need and are a team that the people of the Halo community are aware of. This will involve some work on your side, for example providing gameplay footage for any promo videos etc.

If you have any questions please ask.










Add me on xbox live.
gt same

Already have a fireteam…
Join Fireteam Thoth
all welcome, from any region for campaign, Warzone and arena fun.
I personally am specifically looking for UK PVP players for team arena. European regions preferably nearby UK nearby can join me too.
I want to rank up my platinum team arena and gold 3 team slayer.
full teams for Warzone would be fun too
If yo are in the UK and play arena you need a spartan company so join now.

I’m interested.
Gamertag: Zaxuk

Id like to join my gametag is JAGarner97

Interested, my gt is the same as it is here.

As an aside, the reason my GT doesn’t have H5 listed is because I have had some trouble acquiring the game by delivery, but after a few annoyed phone calls were made, I have just been promised that it will come by Wednesday.

Adding you all on live

Miyagi 6s & Lurkio 6s
Both of us have tons of experience on past halos. we’re looking for 2 more and organisation to represent.

Mister Manic is my gamer tag. I’ll go all the way! :laughing:

Please be advised that due to the high interest in the company we are not currently recruiting any more members until we have tried and tested the current talent.