Aside from any other opinions on Infinite the one thing it needs to achieve it's full potential is to leave the Xbox One behind

Simply put - Infinite, even in the state it is in right now regardless if you personally like it or not has a ton of potential currently being kneecapped by the fact that it has to run on the computing equivalent of a Baked Potato. Not even a nice Twice-Baked Potato at that (the Xbox One X) - a baked potato that wasn’t even finished cooking (the OG Xbox One). Seriously - I’m pretty sure they make phones more powerful than the OG Xbox One now (the ASUS ROG Phone 6 to be specific).

In order to get Infinite to be the most it can be sometime - preferably soon - 343 and MS need to take the Destiny and FFXIV route and formally end all non-technical (Bug fixing) support and development for the Xbox One version of Infinite and branch off Infinite into a Series S/X and PC-focused version so that they can actually utilize the hardware and engine to it’s fullest extent. Obviously the two versions would still be connected in that your progress, items etc. would carry over but as far as Matchmaking and DLC (cosmetics excluded) goes it would be focused solely on the Current Gen and PC in order to get the most out of the game.

Yes it’s painful to leave folks behind but at the same time 343 is severely kneecapped by having to develop Infinite to run on a console that was almost outdated when it came out. But at the same time PC parts that can run Infinite well and the Series S (though not Series X) have been more and more commonly and easily available for the last year at MSRP so “It’s too hard to upgrade” is becoming less and less relevant by the day.


Than it would also need to leave lower end PC behind too.

A lot of countries are in a recession and still struggling after the whole lockdown stuff. This is just ignorant.

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Not to mention XSX is still on back order and scalpers are still snatching up GPUs for Bitcoin farms.


The XSX is still hard to get yes, but the Series S has been relatively easy and GPU prices and availability are super good since the Crypto market absolutely got decimated and crashed.

Like they were selling stuff like 3060s and 3080s and 3090s for below MSRP NEW.

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Going off your title,

This is the least of 343 problems, but it is funny how when new games come out players try to use Xbox one as an excuse when I can play other games like Warzone that is a much lager game and have no issues. It’s not the console, it’s the developer.

It’s like players trying to blame Xbox one playing Destiny 2 when Bungie is literally using an outdated engine that has major issues and their outdate P2P from 2001. It doesn’t work…

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It’s not entirely the developers fault. It’s the overpaid suits responsible for deciding project goals and the allocation of work. Sure, the developers aren’t faultless but ultimately the majority are just foot soldiers following work directives. To be fair they did make a pretty solid base game - just a shame the flaws and absolute rubbish project management outweigh the solid work.


Let me clarify this. I wasn’t referring to the foot soldiers.

It’s at the point that business like 343 only hire devs as expendable employees and that alone is a huge problem when it comes to developing a game.


I wholeheartedly agree that the game should have really just left older hardware behind but let’s refocus the issue with Infinite, especially when brought up to standards with other games of similar calibur.

It runs so darn poorly and optimized so poorly for a game which, at its best graphics, look like a 360 Era game with slightly better graphics. Heck, it doesn’t even have built in Raytracing for a nex gen game, yet it taxes most systems so much.

Not only that, it gives me reason to believe that many new systems introduced in Infinite was also intended to reduce processing load:

  • Dropped weapons despawning way faster than previous Halos
  • All pick-ups are glued to a Rack, so we literally can’t even have native weapons lying around, affected by physics.
  • The initial exploding vehicles just despawning really quickly after the pathetic explosion
  • THROWN grenades despawning after the player who threw it dies (This one irks me the most)

All in all, I feel that Infinite is a very shoddy piece of work, and if the team had actual time and dedication, it could run well even on the Xbox One and other older hardware.

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If 343 actually had the dev team needed to pull a game of this scope off, I’d be opposed to stopping support for XB1. It sucks that this is the point the fanbase is at now where the teams productivity is so screwed we’re out here spit-balling which parts of the game need to be axed.

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So what’s funny about this is that the minimum spec experience on PC for Halo Infinite is actually far better than that of the Xbox One experience.

I could achieve a stable 60fps with an i5-4690 and a 1060 3gb with 16gb DDR3 whereas I couldn’t even achieve a stable 30fps (let alone 30fps period) on my Xbox One 2013 or my Xbox One S.

It would be one thing if they were comparable, but there is a stark contrast between the two examples. On top of that with standard functionally and driver support from hardware manufacturers, older tech can be pushed to adapt in order to extend the life of the hardware used because of the Devs simply using Nvidia or AMD support with comparably little continued input on their own ends.

I’m not saying that Xbox One should be abandoned, but the experience is hardly a playable one from a consumer standpoint. I wish I was joking by saying this, but Goldeneye 64 runs smoother than Infinite does on the Xbox One, and that game makes horrible use of the hardware on the platform it runs on.

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There must be some excellent foot soldiers working at 343i, but I would have to assume that many of the people working and coding on this game are not the best.

I built a Linux distro, works real well, no crashes, updates properly, all good, but there are many distros built by people who are decent at coding, and the end product is full of bugs, crash, freezes. I have said this before, but if 343i and who every built and maintains the menu UI for this game can’t even optimize it and make it work correctly, how good can they be.

343i likes to talk about quality of life fixes, but I would think, theatre mode, custom games and menu loading would be quality of life problems that need to be fixed, but I guess not, or there’s no Foot soldiers that know how to fix the game.

As someone who has hired many people, it is clear to me, they did not hire the best people for the job, and it shows, I mean come-on, co-op is nothing new, but somehow at 343i it is. I am in no means hitting on people that were hired to work on this game, but I do think many of them were thrown into the deep end, they were way out of there depth.

so long there is a chip’s problem still and there are less xbox serie’s X on the market is it a wrong move to stop the focus on the xbox one when the a lot off people wane buy the new Xbox serie’s X console but there cant since its sold out always.
and not forget the scraples that buy then all out so that other people cant buy then at all.

the xbox serie S is a compleet joke off a console since nobody is going to buy a digital only console when there have still disc’s from the xbox one console or xbox 360.

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I haven’t really experienced any major performance problems when playing Halo Infinite on my Xbox One (from 2015). The main issue that I have experienced is truly minor and involves that texture quality for a far away object isn’t upscaled when zooming in towards the object. This makes the downscaling of textures for far away objects really apperent when zooming in with a high zoom weapon. On the other hand, I haven’t noticed any performance related issues.

However, the issues that I do experience could be biased towards the fact that I’m a traditional Halo player in the terms that I play the Halo games for the Campaign, not Multiplayer.

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343i will just slowly phase it out over time, it is fair to say that once older generations become unpopular (say like 2 or 3% of the overall population) that 343i won’t be obligated to supporting it, but for now its likely not even on their radar.

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Nope the engine is crap. They should’ve went with Unreal that can scale quite a bit. Infinite runs like crap in relation to its look on modern systems.

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Unreal is a great engine, but there’s a chance that Microsoft doesn’t want to utilize it due to the enormous amounts of storage it takes up due their in house requests for adequate compression on 1st party titles.

Contrary to popular belief, Unreal isn’t always the answer

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Yeah I know but it would’ve been the answer for the personel problems since you can grab people of the market that are UE devs. Now they have to learn the tools and then jump ship.

Unreal can also compress very good. I’m sure MS doesn’t want to pay royalties to Epic since they have already an engine in place (but 343 completely botched it). Also Halo 5 storage space is kinda crazy.

Would’ve been interesting to see what id tech could do of used by others.

I did not know that. I thought they would at least be on par. I take back what I said. GG

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Oh dude it’s night and day. The CPU spec is slightly higher than minimum and the RAM spec is double minimum, but the combination of the two doesn’t make all that much difference.

I agree. Halo infinite doesn’t even work on xbox one. I have a one s and infinite is so glitchy it is literally unplayable on the one s. I can only play infinite on PC.