Ashes to Ashes/Pigs Can Fly GLITCH! (HELP!)

Ok I decided to 100% all Halo games but I have come across a problem! The Ashes to Ashes/Pigs Can Fly Achievements wont UNLOCK! I have done everything but nothing works! For Ashes to Ashes I have disintegrated about 100 enemies and it wont unlock! I have used Pulse Grenades, Scattershot, Incendiary Cannon and Binary Rifle but it still wont work! I have done it on all Castle Maps (Daybreak, Outcast and Perdition. Well for the Pigs Can Fly achievement I have killed about 50 people using a jet pack in mid air and it wont unlock! I have made sure that there were using there jet pack on all the Majestic Maps (Landfall, Skyline and Monolith. So I don’t understand what is wrong and why the achievements wont unlock!It is driving me insane that I have 1960G on the game when I should have 2000G!

If anyone knows how to fix this glitch or if 343i can do an update to fix these glitches that would be great!

Please it would mean a lot if anyone could help me out!


Please do not make multiple topics about the same.

To address the issue: glitches happen, sadly. 343 is looking into these issues, but we have to face the reality that achievement glitches are likely here to stay. All you can do is keep trying to earn the achievement in question.