ASGLA Grifball League

Hello, I am here to inform whoever is reading this that the ASGLA Grifball league is now recruiting for Halo 3, Halo: Reach and Halo 4.

Table of Contents
(1) What is the ASGLA?
(2) Positions
(3) Teams
(4) Qualifications
(5) Fun Stuff
(6) Contact & Extra Info

(1) The ASGLA stands for “The American Shisno Grifball League of America”. A Shisno is a pun from the popular web series RedvsBlue, as is the inclusion of the word “America” twice. The ASGLA, also referred to as Shisno Grifball, is a group of people who like Grifball. Some are motivated by winning, some are motivated by fun, and some just love smacking people with hammers. The ASGLA is a Grifball League, meaning we are a group of teams. Being that the ASGLA has just rebooted, we do not have many teams at the moment, that’s where you come in.

(2) The ASGLA has three positions:

Grif - The bomb carrier, use your speed and skill to carry the bomb to the opponents goal. Stay away from energy swords and you may live to score one for the team.

Offense - Offensive players will mainly use gravity hammers and will focus on the opponents side of the court. Use the hammers to push the enemy back and make a clear path for the Grif.

Defense - Defensive players will mainly use energy swords and will focus on their own side of the court. Use the sword/hammer to kill the Grif and remove the enemies from your side of the court.

Use these 3 positions when determining your position on your team. You may know of other positions such as Tank, Runner, and Hybrid, You can play like those positions however for the team you will be known as either a Grif an Offensive player or a Defensive player.

(3) If you are to join the ASGLA, there are two options:

  • Create a Team
  • Join an existing team

To create a team, you must simply create a team name and a team emblem, the team emblem must be worn only while playing Grifball.
(Obviously it doesn’t have to be worn if you have not unlocked the emblem yet)

If you decide to create a team, It would be smart to pick a day/time that your team is online most of the time, and make that the time for practices. This way your team won’t lose when in matches.

To Create or join a team, Send a message to either of the following gamertags.

ASGLA Leader - Cheezy Lasagna
ASGLA Co-Leader - Asn3akattack

(4) In order to be in the ASGLA, you will need to meet some minimum qualifications.

-Own a copy of Halo 3, Halo: Reach or Halo 4
-Experience playing Grifball (at least one game)
-Have XBL Gold on your Gamertag

If you meet these qualifications than you can become a Shisno if you choose to do so. A mic is recommended for communication however it is not required.

(5) The ASGLA has routine tournaments, contests, and custom game nights to have more fun as a league rather than just a group of separate teams.

-Teams may challenge each other to a match with any rules as long as they are accepted.

-This won’t begin for a while since the ASGLA is currently in a reboot stage, but once we get enough teams, the ASGLA will have Fall and Spring seasons to compete in with prizes for the champions.

-Tournaments will be held in and outside of Grifball. Prizes may also be given for some tournaments.

-Custom game nights will be held weekly and will be open to the entirety of the League.

-If you have a fun idea for the league just drop a message to the ASGLA leader.

(6)ASGLA Website -
ASGLA Leader - Cheezy Lasagna
ASGLA Co-Leader - Asn3akattack

If you have any questions at all please comment. I will be happy to answer any and all questions.

Thanks for your time.