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Hello, I am DroNe FuSioN and I am the Master Segeant of Alliance Special Forces. We are a very active and productive community currently focusing on Halo: Reach, and eventually Halo 4. We are a military-oriented group, as we are structured by ranks, objectives, and guidelines. In order to earn rank, one must actually earn it by starting out at the bottom, and completing a predetermined set of prerequisites before one can obtain a promotion. We also have an award system, so if you do something impressive, you could very well earn a special ribbon!

Although we are more militaristic we still strive to have fun, and we want to have fun! We will help you get achievements or any personal goals! We want our members to be happy and have fun! Alliance Special Forces is comprised of currently one company with many more to come as we get more members. Each company has 2 platoons, consisting of a platoon leader and platoon sergeant. Each platoon has four squads, consisting of a squad leader and nine other members.

We are also heavily interested in members who are not only good at killing, but members who are creative. Our group has something for everyone! Our group page is updated as often as possible (normally daily). We are also currently constructing a YouTube page.

So, if you want to go out and have fun, win games, and earn achievements, this group is the group for you! Join Alliance Special Forces today!

We have a structured hierarchy with an organized ranking system. We accept most people who are willing to commit their time. Were an up and coming clan that strives to be VERY active (updates everyday normally). Helpful group with achievements and goals! =)

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GT: DroNe FuSioN

  • Master Sergeant DroNe FuSioN