Ascendant Genesis Recruitment

Hello, we are the Ascendant Genesis, an all-Sangheili clan on Xbox Live. We play entirely on Halo: Reach, and are very competitive, but that doesn’t stop us from having fun on the side. We’re looking for members who are dedicated, loyal, disciplined, and interested in being part of a well-organized, structured, and competitive community.

Purpose and Background Information
As the reincarnation of the Warriors of Redemption, the goal of the Ascendant Genesis is to redeem what used to be a prestigious and well-respected Halo community. It’s leaders have been here since the beginning, and have seen the Sangheili devolve into war-mongering, backstabbing mongrels. We want to reverse this. No easy task, to be sure, but it will be worth it to see the Sangheili brought back to their peak.

The Writ of Union
The Writ of Union, the product of months of dedicated work by the Ascendant Genesis’ High Command, is our central constitution. It explains the difference between “Sangheili” and “Elite” clans, and delves into the intricacies of our governmental organization. It is the most important document of our clan, and dictates order and peace within the AG proper.

Clan Structure
We have a ranking structure based off the Sangheili’s in Halo canon, as well as various titles that can be earned or volunteered for in order to expand any member’s responsibilities. We advocate members
being in their proper ranks and titles, and we have exams and assessments to ensure that our members are where they belong. In order to compliment this system of ranks and titles, we have a Grouping System that organizes our members in various combat units, used during training activities and clan matches to maintain order among our warriors.


  1. You are to own an Xbox 360, a microphone, and must own (and be capable of renewing) an Xbox Live Gold Account.
  2. You must own the game Halo: Reach.
  3. You must be willing to play as an Elite during online interactions, as well as follow the Uniform of Ranks system established in the AG.
  4. You must understand this is a competitive clan and that we will be partaking in many competitive online events (training sessions, clan
    matches, etc.). This meaning we will expect you to be an active participant, and that you will need to take such events seriously.
  5. You must be willing to take and follow orders from higher-ranking officers. You will show respect to your peers.
  6. We usually only accept members in North, Central, or South America due to time zones preventing some members from joining clan events. If there is an individual outside of that area that wishes to join then special circumstances can be met, given that the individual in question can make these events in full participation.
  7. You must be MATURE.

Contact Information
If you are interested in joining the Ascendant Genesis, please contact any of the following gamertags (listed below) over Xbox Live in order to set up a formal interview and combat evaluation.

  • Apex Jar Zanoee
  • King K Dante
  • Zoomzoom97