As someone who was skeptical about a Halo BR.. Last Spartan Standing looks good!

It’s pretty much an FFA match on BTB maps with a circle that closes over time. It’s BR done Halo and not a Fortnite/Warzone/PUBG clone.


Where did you see that? Have they released info on it.

Sounds fun, especially if it’s slightly smaller scale. I’d love a more accessible BR. I can’t play Warzone due to it requiring like 20-40 minutes per match.

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I think it appears if you go to your custom’s playlist selection screen while offline.

Just like Attrition was revealed a bit early.

Although, it’s not really a leak, as it’s there for everyone to see!

The description mentions “levelling up your loadout by earning personal score”.

So if you want to have enough fire-power to win at the end you need to go out and hit up some kills.

I wonder if it’s a one life thing? I think Halo would probably work better with 3 lives or the like.

You can see what it looks like in the new season 2 video up on their youtube page.