As long as there are challenges that require PvP, we will have people throwing/ruining matches

Just, please, make it so all challenges can be completed in bot matches. People are ruining both ranked and regular matchmaking just to complete challenges. I honestly don’t blame them for doing so either, because it’s the only way to progress. If all the challenges could be completed in bot matches, we’d see a lot less of this and maybe even get back to enjoying the gameplay.


I’m about to play bot matches exclusively because the desync is so bad lol.


Agreed…either that or make our actual gameplay matter at the end of the match, you know…like in the previous games. Would improve the situation with people just trying to do challenges or idling through the matches for the 50xp.


My wife and I only play in Bot Bootcamp because we’re not that good at PvP and refuse to deal with toxicity because we would bring our teammates down. While the Challenge system is not wholly designed for this style of gameplay, it is nice to simply take things at a more relaxed pace. While we won’t be earning the maximum amount of experience per week, that really is not our primary concern to be honest.

It is unfortunate that you have to deal with this kind of mindset, and it is even more unfortunate that you cannot enjoy the game because of it. Hopefully, 343i finds a way to bring balance to the Challenge system in such a way that it encourages a player-friendly approach.

While the decremental experience update was a welcome change, I personally feel that there should have been a greater incentive introduced in order to entice players into playing the game for more than six matches a day.

I know for certain that my wife and I would certainly appreciate a static credit reward for match completion. This would encourage players to keep playing while allowing us all to earn in-game currency to make purchases within the store.


I’ve wanted this since the early release of the multiplayer. Having all challenges able to be completed in bot game modes would keep most, not all, of the players ruining matches out of the pvp modes in my opinion. Plus, if the past weekly rewards are any indication of future rewards, then they I don’t feel they would really be worth the pain of even going through pvp to attempt to get. Plus I just think an eventual bot big team would be really fun to have and play.
While I do like the decremental experience update, I personally feel that at the lowest it should have stopped at 100xp that way 10 games is a level of a battle pass. Plus, if their goal if to get more people to buy a battle pass then making it a bit easier to complete I think would encourage more people to spend. Just my two cents.


agreed make the weekly’s non-specific or playlist specific objective like completing, winning or just trying out specific Modes would be the best place to start.

I just hate when a ravager weekly comes along that weapon is just useless to get hardly any kills with.

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To touch upon the first point that you’ve made; I’d rather not see those types of players at all to be honest. While the bots are not difficult to defeat by any means, approaching any match with a selfish mindset rather than the whole team’s success is a toxic way to play any game.

I do agree with the opinion that Big Team Bot Bootcamp would be awesome. The only obstacle would be programming the ability to use vehicles into the AIs’ cognitive processes.

I also agree with the “cap” for decremental experience gain. It would be nice to see an uptick in Battle Pass progression.


I dunno I been playing the objective a lot trying to grind out this weekly capstone.

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Normally I would disagree with this especially if cosmetics were earned like they were in H3. However since this Halo is more about how much money you want to spend to get cosmetics instead of, damn that guy must be really go to have earned that armor I say yes. Let challenges be completed by playing bots matches.

How about completing challenges vs bots gives 1/2 xp but you can at least get the weekly capstone.


Actually kinda like that, but challenges that require BTB won’t be possible since bot BTB isn’t a thing and bots can’t drive vehicles anyways.

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I’m still baffled that the bots don’t know what a vehicle is, given we’ve seen campaign AI drive vehicles across all Halo games.


We’re gonna find out the hard way that Marines can’t drive in Campaign… aren’t we?


AGREED Bot bootcamp is really all I play after my experience in PVP. I’m not great at Shooters anymore but Halo has been a favorite of mine for a long time and I wanted to try to get the special event completed. My 3rd match I had some kid telling me I was trash, that I should “uninstall the game” and at the end telling me to unalive myself because he was “carrying the team”. That killed PVP there and then especially since there’s no systems in place like halo 3 had. In halo 3 there was a report player option I could use in game through the scoreboard. through the 360 there was a avoid player option where I wouldn’t be matchmade with them or at least I’d get a notification when I was in the lobby with someone I had avoided. Please 343, Do something to fix the toxic mess modern PVP has become. Either help us by putting a report and avoid option, let us earn challenges in Campaign/ Bot bootcamp, or both


Amen brother. I am playing on PC and getting shot behind walls over and over has all but ruined the game for me. I want to play but when my nearly 20 year old KDA of 1.6 is now barely 1.0 it is very frustrating.


While I didn’t throw the match entirely, I will admit I sort of contributed to our team losing by not going for the objective as much as I should have done. I got the 10 Heatwave kills I needed, but I felt bad at the end of the match.

I just want them to be able to be done in bot matches for people like me who don’t like to sweat in PvP. It really sucks because it then feels like I don’t deserve to rank up like everyone else just because I’m not that good at the online part of the game anymore


The youtubers who got early access confirmed they can’t :frowning:

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I’m tired of protecting the flag by myself.

Sadly, I only do bot boot camp right now, why?

-Its the only playlist option thats faster, people wont leave, and frankly, faster to just farm XP regardless of overly specific challenges, if any do align, thats just a small grace.

As the Fairly Odd parents meme would go…

And this is where I would jump into the slayer playlist