As Arnold would say, STOP WHINING!

All this moaning after only seeing a collective 5 minutes of gameplay. Wahhhh wahhhhh wahhh they added new smart scope. wahhhh wahhh wahhh they added new gameplay elements wahhh.
let’s remember four years ago we were all pooing our -Yoink!- at how Bungie were leaving and there would be no more halo games. 343 didn’t have to take the reigns. They didn’t have to make new experiences (granted halo 4 was the rotten egg but not bad for a first try) they could have made waypoint and left.
So have some respect. you don’t make the game, they do. If this is the future than so be it, support them and maybe provide some positive feedback AFTER actually playing the game. Not just insulting the effort they put into this product with blind hate. So pick up your BR`s and get to killing.

I don’t know, that BR sounds nothing like a BR and doesn’t shoot like one either.

Maybe it’s a placeholder? Remember the full game is a year away.