As a Serious Team doubles player..

I have to question as to why There is no team doubles at launch? Team doubles is very literally 90% of what I play when I’m online. The fact that you left this out of launch when it has been a launch playlist since halo 2 is really disturbing, and I hope you add it in before too long. I’m actually very disappointed.

I honestly think Doubles won’t be returning at all.

I haven’t seen any indication that it won’t be added in later, just as SWAT and grifball aren’t at launch as well, even though I’m sure they’ve got plans for both in the future. I doubt there will be a ranked playlist, but this last bulletin makes it sound like future updates “might” include bigger changes rather than minor bug fixes.

Halo 2 never launched with Doubles, it was added later much like I think Halo 4s version of it will be.

I’m not a huge multiplayer fan, since my xbox live connection has been rather inconsistent over the years for one reason or another, but usually when I’m on xbox live, I try to get at least one match of team doubles in. I’ve always found it to be a more intense experience than a game with larger teams.