As a natural mobility player, I have only one request of 343 for Halo Infinite

Please raise the base controller sensitivity cap from 10 to 20. Having to rely on aim acceleration to build up before I’m able to rotate left/right or look up/down, makes the game feel really slow and I don’t have fun with that. Moving into a close range position is often a frustrating experience, then during any ensuing close range battle, controls become especially cumbersome and unresponsive. On top of this, Infinite is a crossplay game where one set of players can be mobile and the other can’t, due to simple sensitivity restrictions.

I feel like a fish out of water. Pigeonholed into keeping my distance and looking for mid-range battles. It’s… not a great feeling. Then when I see other players doing what I naturally and instinctively want to do, that is, being agile and using the advantage of proper quick sensitivity, and I being restricted from playing my normal play style, I start to lose interest really quickly.