Artificially Difficult Challenges-Weapon and Vehicle Spawns

It is endlessly irritating that the actual challenge to things like “get 3 kills with the bulldog” isn’t getting 3 kills, it’s getting your hands on the weapon in the first place. I get it. 343 wants to make the challenges intentionally annoying to complete in order to sell challenge swaps. But if you need to get kills with a specific weapon, and the weapon can spawn on a specific map, why doesn’t it? I know the weapon pads can spawn different weapons within a single game, why isn’t there a 50% chance between say a bulldog and a heatwave, or BR and commando every time the weapon respawns instead of it being the same one spawning for the duration of the game? And for the vehicles, maybe two ghosts or choppers spawn each big team game. One will probably spawn on the enemy team, so you just have to hope you’re lucky enough for the single opportunity to get a ghost in a 15 minute game. And just forget about ever getting your hands on a scorpion or wraith. Outside of completing vehicle challenges, this makes vehicle combat significantly more limited and less interesting than previous games.

Better yet, go back to the MCC style challenges. “Get 25 kills with ANY precision weapon” “Get 10 kills with ANY grenade” “Get 20 kills with ANY explosive weapon” “Win 2/3 social/competitive games” and “Get 25 assists” are all challenges MCC has this week, that are all accessible to most game modes, maps, and most importantly, most players.