Artificial Skill Plateau. Solo/Duo Queue

I have been thinking about the ranked match making and skill reward system or whatever you want to call it.
I enjoy ranked playlists. Wish there was a ranked Duo and FFA.

I have had several instances when I have performed individually well in a game but lost skill points because the team lost. This is perplexing to say least because the placement matches, the initial 10 played seem to emphasize individual performance. A friend of mine was placed in gold and i was placed in diamond.

As anyone knows that as you climb the ranks, team play because a big deal. And ones ability to carry a team to a win diminishes. So I do see the logic in the way it is set up. However it is contrary to a lot of other factors in a game. Mainly this is not enough to encourage players in matchmaking to play together as a team.
Nor are you placed with those that have the same level of understanding of the game… How many of you watched someone run the opposite direction of the ball or two people chase one person while leaving a stronghold.

This example leaves me playing with those that are just competent enough to throw a whole game at just the right time. Meanwhile I can queue up with a full Onyx team and have a personal best game, with good individual stats. Only to be rewarded with 1 or 2 points. This too I have experienced.

Would it be fair for me to say at the beginning of a game, in the Solo/Duo queue, “If you do not have mics I am going to quit the match.”

The Solo/Duo Queue is for those who want to play casually and have BR starts. I suppose it is really bad alternative to the Ranked FFA and Duo queues that we have seen in Halos prior.

343 has left its fan base with a lot of confusion and irritation that is understandable. Typically, I leave all the noise alone and just play the games I enjoy. This time around, I want to enjoy playing a Halo Multiplayer, what is missing is all the things that made Halo Multiplayer a success. For both the casual and competitive player base. As I like to partake in both. It is disappointing to say the least.

After playing lots of Halo Infinite since its release getting close to 400 hrs on the game. I have the urge to play, Player Unknowns Battle Grounds. Maybe to some that will paint the picture. I’ve concluded like others have I am sure, that Halo Infinite will not be at a respectable level for at least another 3-4 months, if we as fans are even that lucky enough, this is wishful thinking.


Update: I just played 4 matches. Once 3 and gained a little bit of Skill Points. I just lost the 4th match. It was Oddball. One other guy on the mic.
Stats for match:
23 Kills
25 Deaths,
15 Assists - KDA: 3.0
60% Accuracy
Im running around with everything I got to pick up the pieces of the other two who can not stay alive or communicate as get flanked for free.

I then lose all the skill point and more from the past 3 wins.

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The enemy team are also having the same experience as you, the chances of them having mics is actually Elsa than your own team if you always use a mic. Part of the ranking process is adapting around your teammates bizarre plays.

When you see little progress gains for wins it’s usually because the games you won were heavily tipped in your teams favour or your visible ranks and your hidden rank are pretty close together so it won’t fluctuate too much for now.