Artificial Limbs and Charged Plasma/EMP?

I’ve been doing some research on the Halo version of artificial limbs/prosthetics for personal projects I’m working on (machinima/fan-fiction novel and a Halo-themed D&D campaign). I admit I’m not the brightest with engineering or circuitry, but I would like to know if a charged plasma shot or an EMP blast from something like a plasma pistol or a Reach grenade launcher would disable the limbs. Because Halo is in the future during times of war, I’m not 100% sure if such artificial limbs would be affected by EMP damage, have some resistance, or just be immune to the effects because of … engineering and science.

I’m open to all insight on the subject, especially from those who have backgrounds (educational, personal experience, or work-related background in the related fields).

Thank you in advance for your thoughts on the subject, and have a good rest of your day/week/gaming time.

Halopedia’s article on artificial limbs doesn’t include a lot of useable information as to how ‘EMP/plasma hardened’ they are. Honestly, it depends on how descriptive/true to canon you wish to be. In the books, plasma can melt through MJOLNIR armor with multiple shots/sustained fire. Obviously, not so much in the games to make them fun to play. If I remember correctly, much of the UNSC’s equipment has been ‘hardened’ or resistant to the effect of electromagnetic pulses or blasts, especially during the later stages of the H-C war. The joints, according to Halopedia, are made of titanium. the ‘muscle’ is most likely some time of microprocessor, nanotechnology, or some sort of future hydraulic system.

I have no in depth knowledge of this or study this field. Just a big Halo nerd. If anyone can correct/improve upon my answer, please do.

Charged plasma if actually hitting the body would probably be pretty devastating, emp or no. Now whether the shield would protect the limb from it…maybe?

I mean mjolnir armor doesn’t shut down when hit by an overcharged plasma pistol, so presumably the arm is similarly protected (just slimmer since it doesnt need to fit an actual arm inside). If Mjolnir armor was vulnerable to EMP, it’d actually like being quite devastating in general, artificial limb or no. Don’t forget Mjolnir armor has its own set of artificial muscles and hydrolics in order to enhance the spartan’s capabilities, those shut down and the spartan is probably fighting against all those locked up systems in order to move.