Artificial Canyon [1.4 Update - 27/6/2020]

Discovered and currently used as a place to store contraband by a band of smugglers, the Artificial Canyon’s original purpose was to test the elements for the Halo rings before they were created.

Artificial Canyon fully supports Team Slayer from 1 vs. 1 to 4 vs. 4. On the map you will find:

  • A Tundra Warthog. - A Ghost. - A Plasma Cannon. - Plasma Caster. - Sentinel Beam. - Sniper Rifle.And a smattering of other weapons scattered throughout the map. You can view the pictures and bookmark the map, if it piques your curiosity, by clicking on the link below.

Artificial Canyon Map Link
Team Slayer Gameplay Video

1.1 Update [2/6/2020]

  • Increased cover in the forests, barrens, and glacier parts of the map.1.2 Update [3/6/2020]

  • The crashed Pelican and the Warthog have been moved closer to blue base to prevent the red team of having the unfair advantage of both vehicles being close to them. - Some scenery changes.1.3 Update [4/6/2020]

  • More soft kill boundaries added to prevent players from getting out of the map.1.4 Update [27/6/2020]

  • UNSC crates replaced with Scout Warthog (non-driveable). - Large UNSC container replaced with Wraith and a Ghost (non-driveable). - UNSC lights have been replaced with Forerunner ones.
    Added decorative structures to the ceiling. - Added large spiral galaxy to the centre of the Forerunner structure. - Forerunner glyphs added as decoration. - Added Red and Blue Insects at their respective bases. - Top of base has changed to look more like a Forerunner structure. - UNSC crates have been added to the glacier section of the map as has a battle rifle. - Grenades have moved from the crashed Pelican to the UNSC crates.