Art for My Spartan Company

Obey been using photoshop for the first time these past few days and I have to say it can get kind of addicting to photoshop an image I like and make it look better to my tastes. That said, I have been working hard to make a Spartan Company logo and I’ve finally come up with an amazing picture for my company. The picture is in this link:

The background art is made by 343 but I edited the image via Photoshop.

Pretty nice, although the actual logo looks a little bit blurry, did you scale up an image of it?
Overall pretty good though!

I scaled up the image of the logo with the elite since it’s my first time with Photoshop I am still learning how to make the quality of the picture better, the background art isn’t mine it’s made by 343 but I edited it.

A bit blurry but overall well done!