ARs feels pretty weak to me, any tips?

I wanna be able to master the weapon im forced to use most of MP, but it seems like most enemies kill me before i can even get their shield down

Personally go with the rule of thumb that if the enemy is filling or close to filling up my target reticle it’s fine to spray n pray.

Past point blank range out to around 15-20m I personally prefer long bursts 2-3 seconds long and making the break between bursts as short and fluid as possible, just enough time to reset the reticle bloom.

Remember every bullet counts, if you are spraying and even just miss 2 or 3 shots it can make or break a kill.

Hope this helps, it mostly just takes practice, learning it’s limits and playing around its effective range. After a while you get the feel of how long it takes to drop someone, never forget your Halo nades, soften up their shields before you run em down.

AR master race!

Aim for the head, ARs have a unsheilded headshot multiplier. Also AR is a close range weapon so dont expect to win a Medium range engagement.