Army From Sparta is now recruiting!

The Army From Sparta is a Greek Spartan themed clan currently in the process of rebuilding and recruiting new members. Agesilaus II is the clan’s leader from the beginning, since August 2015. the clan is 4 years old at this rate and although for the past year, we’ve been relatively inactive, we’re interested in making a resurgence and restoring ourselves to order to join, there are some standards we expect our members to follow. they are listed below:

  • No Racist, sexist, or sectarian Slurs and behavior. we do not accept this - no body shaming and disrespect. this means no t-bagging and shooting bodies. - the clan uniform must be worn during all AFS events. - we expect a high degree of maturity and respect be shown to all AFS members. - you must have a mic, we do not accept Kinect Mics - you must be 15 or over.if you’d line to join, then feel free to message the Company on Waypoint or Agesilaus II of Lacedaemon#7411 on Discord. i personally am more active on discord so that’ll be where you will receive the quickest response.