Armoury in Halo 4

In Halo Reach we were introduced to the Armoury which I think is a really cool addition to the Halo franchise. I personally have no doubt that we will be seeing it in Halo 4. However I am curious about one of the aspects of the armoury. Campaign.

In Halo Reach you could customize your Noble Six to look whoever you wanted using the Armoury so everybody would have an unique Noble Six for the campaign. This works great for a character like Noble Six as its the first time we have seen him/her though this causes a few problems in Halo 4.

If the Armoury comes back in Halo 4, will we get to modify John’s (Master Chief) armour how we want to for the campaign or will it be multiplayer only? I think being able to customize your armour for the campaign will be great, with the standard Mjolnir armour that he was wearing through Halo 3 being the standard starting armour for the armoury. This can answer the questions that have been raised about:

  • New armour that John seems to be wearing in the teaser trailer, possible new armour in Halo 4 armoury.

  • Co-op players. When playing co-op each character plays with their own unique armour configuration.

I have to say that I really do expect to see the armoury make a return in Halo 4, even if its just multiplayer Spartans it has an effect on but I really want to see it in campaign too. Reach’s armoury makes the campaign feel more like its mine, the story is mine, its my character - me - thats fighting off a juggernaut of Covenant on Reach and I want to feel the same with Halo 4.

So what do you think? Think we’ll be seeing the Armoury effect the campaign again in Halo 4? What do you want to see in the new armoury?

The armoury should return in Halo 4 but for multiplayer only. That way we can have our choice of genders too. It’s not like everything else (Forge, FIrefight, Theatre, etc) wouldn’t return. The franchise is too successful as it is for it all not to.

I agree that the armoury should return for multiplayer and forge, firefight and theater has to return, they cant take remove them without people crying out in outrage. Though personally I would love to see the Armoury be incorporated into the campaign like with Reach, so we can customize John’s armour how we want.