Armour REQs

Why can’t we have Armour REQ packs?
No, seriously, like why can’t we? I just want that Mark IV armour and can’t be bothered grinding hours upon weeks of multiplayer just to get it.

  • Commendation REQ packs don’t contain armour - Promotion packs don’t contain armour - Bronze packs don’t contain armourNot only that, it’s Legendary :expressionless: And yet every gold pack I’ve gotten has contained no armour. But by all means, give me that Arbiter Energy sword I didn’t want. Sorry if I sound a little ranty. But if 343 like money so much, why aren’t Armour REQ packs an option? Or let me buy the armour sets I actually want?
    I don’t really care for items and such.
    If you can update a game to offer like 30-odd Gold packs in one, I’m sure this can be done.

I have a little secret for you!
so I was lagging in multiplayer yesterday and when it backed me out of the game a message came up saying
“fair starts doesn’t mean you can play in style! Buy an armory pack”
I later got the same loading screen message later which proves they either cut this content or they are planning to add it
my theory is that it was cut because they didn’t have enough customizable items to do this!

Obviously with no picture proof, I’ll take that with a grain of salt. But I really hope they are planning to implement it. I honestly just want it because I really like the armour and I want another 3D print with it :stuck_out_tongue: haha

This is a good idea, I believe the cost for these packs should be the same as a gold pack and can contain rares to legendaries

I know how you feel, but I’m going to grind it anyway because I really want it

ME3 eventually offered pks with “increased odds” of making character or weapon hits, so u NVR know…

I too really want Mk 4 and I belive that there should be a just armour, just weapons, just skins req packs.