Armour Kits in the Battle Pass Are Confusing. Here's an alternative

So, the honeymoon effect is starting to wear off. And I’ve been thinking over this alot and there’s probably a big reason for why this one thing in particular is not going to happen and its just silly and no one is surprised.

(Before I go on I really would like people to see this. With games like these you really need a big voice to have people listen. And I also hope I’m not the only person to think of this)

In the Battle pass we have Armour cores, and within those there are Armour kits. Of which some have there own pieces of armour which you cannot unlock.

And this is where I get abit confused.

Out of the five Armour kits you can acquire in the Battle pass. 3 have their own piece of armour which isn’t unlockable and is only able to be used in the armour kit. Then the armour that isn’t obtainable will be sold in the store some time in the future (leaks have proven as such)

Take Carter for example. He has a unique shoulder to his character and the option isn’t present to attain in the Battle pass.

Why not just give us the shoulder piece? It’s clearly in the game files. It is pretty obvious it’s going to be sold in the store at some point. So you either have to wait for it to be sold and waste £20 to have some other stuff which you might never use just to get the single thing you want. Why? (Yes I know, Money)

I have an alternative to this though. Carter, Emile and Jorge have Armour that isn’t in the Battle pass.

So why not give us the armour piece when you unlock the armour kit? (Obviously I don’t mean every armour piece in the armour kit but the specific armour pieces that are unique to that kit) It may make the armour kits completely useless but they would have been anyway some where down the line when these armours are sold. But like I said. This probably won’t happen.

If you want player expression give us the freedom to express ourselves and what we wanna look like.

Yeah, instead of unlocking a pre-set armor that can’t be customized, just treat kits as bundles of armor, so for example if you unlock Carter’s kit, you unlock all his armor to freely use on your own Spartan as oppose to being stuck to a kit that can’t be modified.

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