Armour/Helmet Thumbnails Not Matching?

So one thing that I’ve noticed in my hours of (admittedly limited) play is that many of my 50+ REQ armour and helmet unlocks look completely different in the thumbnail compared to on the Spartan themselves. One example is the ‘Breaker: Hatchetman’ set which has yellow, blue and white features according to the picture whereas when I equip them, they look almost nowhere near what the picture showed - it doesn’t even have the same patterns.

I’ve gotten this problem on more than 9 armour pieces and 10 helmets, so I’m starting to think it’s a bug and not done intentionally?

If anyone else has noticed this please reply, because I am getting annoyed at seeing something I like when opening a REQ pack and it not looking like the picture - not being sure whether that’s how they’re supposed to be or if it’s a glitch in the system.