Armour customization options in Halo 5

So, I’ve been thinking about what sort of armour customization should be added into Halo 5 for multiplayer. Some of them are: a colour pallet for the helmet visor just like there are colour pallets for your armour. Also, I’ve noticed that some helmets like CIO and Venator don’t allow you to change the visor colour at all, which is quiet annoying, don’t do that in Halo 5. Also, I noticed some armour pieces feature lights, I think it’d be cool if we could choose the colour of those too, like in Mass Effect 3.

These are my thoughts on armour customization options that should be added, what are your thoughts? Do you have any of your own ideas that you hope they add to Halo 5?

ODST shoulders, Rogue was the closest to them, also some proper emblem space or have them the size of the pauldron/allow your emblem to be on your torso armour. Other than that I want them to keep the Enforcer style helmet… You know what just all the armour I’m wearing and maybe a few more fore-arm and greave designs.

My wish list in a nutshell:

*be sure to check out General Discussion forum, where there is a gigantic halo 5 wishlist thread which 343 is watching.

-Less power ranger armor, more realistic armor like they had in Reach. If you could blend Reach’s realism with Halo 4/Halo 3’s character models that would be amazing.

-no more “visorless” helmets like CIO, Vanguard, Venator, etc. if you’re going to have 'em, don’t tease us with a plain white visor!

-black “wetsuit” should be standard and should not match primary armor color. makes for a more realistic and interesting character.

-Skins were a cool idea but i might prefer them if all skins applied across all armor/weapons

-More classics. The Infinity/SIV tie in was cool but multiplayer doesn’t need canonical explanation.

-bring back armor effects!

I’d like the armour detail back

This has been bothering me for a while. Why can’t we choose the color of each armor set? Choosing the color for your shoulders, helmet, legs, etc. would create more unique spartans and solve some of the “everyone looks the same,” complaints.

I want Reach styled armors, but with more details and some classic armors.

Also that you could have like 3 colors instead of 2.
2 colors for what they are now and 1 for details.

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Personally I think you should bring back the hayabusa armour from halo 3 and you need to make the spartans in halo 5 stronger looking like reach.

Less Plastic could always help.