Armour customization in H4?

Who thinks Halo:Reach’s Armoury should return in H4 and if so, how would you unlock armour?

I personally would like the Armoury, but with a totally new wardrobe of armour. Also, I don’t want the cR system, I want to unlock armour like in H3 by rank and acheivements, I thought that made the game more interesting and fun.

Long responses are welcome, thanks.

An much expanded Reach armory would be nice.

I’d rather continue with the credits system. For two reasons: The first reason is that I disliked Halo 3’s ranking system. I didnt like how I HAD to play through the ranked set-up in order to level up properly, I like playing only in the social network because to me…too many people are up-tight in ranked. Plus, despite that, Halo Reach has a pretty difficult leveling up system, as a person who plays almost daily Im still only a Legend while there are hundreds of people higher than me.

Second reason being achievement set-up. I despised Halo 3’s original achievements for multiplayer. They required you to play on Lone Wolves, and even then, it didnt guarantee you getting the achievements. It took forwever to get that sword spree, and I got it by accident. And even then, I’m missing like…four achievements for Halo 3, all of them MP related. Same for Halo Reach actually, but thats because I dont really like the new maps all that much.

I’d like to see something new altogether for the ranking system anyway.

If they do end up being in the H4 multiplayer I would like to see the Elites getting an armoury and a much more variety of armour effects (not just full body or death effects).

Me wantz lots of differentz armourz! I want a huge variety of neat helmets instead of practically everyone choosing the same onez. :confused:

Thats a good idea. I did miss having elite armour customization.

3 things:

1)For example,you have over 5000 kills and your K/D ratio es 1.5 or better,congratulations!,enjoy your new chest.
2)Halo 3 ranking system.
3)Credits,but only for buying armors,not for ranking up

that pointless armory -Yoink- should be like Halo 3s.
5-6 sets of armor. Thats it.
This is not an RPG. And i dont understand why people care sooo much about useless armor pieces?! srsly.

I think the credit system should be used for armour as well as H3 Ranking System. Every time a game ends you get credits from what your trueskill gives you and the trueskill gives you your rank while credits earn you armour.