Armour customisation

Will be have free range to customise our Spartan armour with the kits and change parts of them as I would like to pick and choose parts from different armour kits instead of having just one on or having something else I don’t want at all. I was hopping 343 was going to do no limit customisation on your Spartan no matter what.

Armor cores are extremely restricting for no reason other than to sell you the same coatings & visors multiple times, I’ve seen bots with armor from one core on another so there isn’t an excuse as to why we can’t mix & match.


They really should have just given us the 3 slots to just create any three spartan outfits from and then use anything you’ve unlocked in any way you see fit to customise those three different looks that you can change between as you see fit. The current set up is pants but at least it’s better than randomized loot boxes. No need for this rarity or cores system.

Infact, check out Warframe for how customisation should be done. There you can buy different colour pallets and some armor parts that can exclusively only be bought with the games premium currency - i.e. locked to anyone who doesnt pay for it, but there’s still plenty of freebies you can earn in game in various ways so in Infinite that could be via the battle pass (that you’ve also paid for) or through achievements or campaign.

I really think we should be able to do what ever we want with it. I liked reached set up for customisations. And maybe we will be able to do that after the 8th of December as it is still only the beta at the moment. Not sure but with there was more range.