Armour customisation

In halo 5 guardians i was looking through the helmets and I saw that there were some items that were labelled with three stars in the bottom corner. I was just wondering if there was any special way of getting these items (e.g. achievements or getting a special rank in arena). Its either this or straight up pack them.

They are legendary items so very rare unlocks through packs, gold gives a higher chance of getting them. Lots of them are promo items for preorders or buying controllers, books, merchandise etc but I believe all are available through the packs still.

They are super-ultra rare. But still RNG. Because RNG is so cool and fun and rewarding.

It’s RNG. Everything is RNG. There are no definite unlocks in this game, only RNG. And RNG is the absolute worst thing you can put in a game.

RNG = random number generator.