Armour Cores stopping full customisation?

I think Halo Infinite looks amazing. However, I’m a bit worried about armour cores.

I know we haven’t seen enough and I’m just speculating but it seems like you won’t be able to mix and match armour pieces from different cores?
It seems like (for example) there will be a Reach Core that has all the Reach armour pieces, and a Halo 5 Core that has all the 5 armour pieces - which is a neat idea- unless that means the Reach Core will ONLY be able to attach Reach armour pieces? So we’ll never be able to have a Spartan that has our favourite Reach shoulders and our new favourite Infinite helmet, or any mix between cores.
Also, when cool new armour cores (like the Samurai one) are added down the line, we won’t be able to mix and match pieces of that into our existing armours?

Armour customisation is one of the things that made me fall in love with Halo 3 and I’m excited about all the new customisation options in Infinite. However, if this is how armour cores do work, then this is limiting the customisation by an obscene amount and I believe it to be a huge oversight.

343 you’re doing an amazing job with this game but this doesn’t sound ideal.
Who knows I may be completely wrong and let’s forget I ever said anything.

Thank you for your time!

Ps. I’ve never posted in a forum before so I have no idea if I’m doing this right I would just love some answers on this and I bet a lot of people feel the same way I do