armour abilities or equipment or none. what's your view?

As the title of this topic suggests I was wondering how people felt about Armour Abilities in Halo 4. They are in there at the moment (First Look ViDoc) but should they remain? Should they be replaced with equipment or scrapped entirely? Personally, I think that we should go back to equipment but I wanted to know how the rest of the community felt.

Why not make AAs on the maps only. So basicly valuable equipment.

Equipment but keep Sprint and Thruster( it may be equipment) as default

Not sure I understand you…

343 alsready has a logically evolved system planned for Equipment -> Armor Abilities. So it doesn’t matter what we want.

I’m interested to know what people think and 343 do listen to the community. There is something to be said about their work in Reach but that’s not what this thread is about.

I won’t segregate AA’s and Equiptment. I think there should be a wide variety of different sorts of equiptment whether it is one time use or reusable like the AA’s. Point is, PUT THEM ON THE MAP!

I honestly can’t care at this point. 343i will probably put AA’s in and were just going to have to accept it.

I vote for neither, each nw Halo game should have something unique.
Halo 2- Just having multiplayer gave us creativity and new ways to defend our selves in Matchmaking.

Halo3- Tookout te lock-on rockets for the new heavy turrets that you can walk with and even threw in equipment.

Halo Odst- Had night vision, smg silencers, no energy shields, and a firefight mode to keep people occupied for hours.

Halo Reach- had armorabilities which greatly improved the machinima world and deliveed a more tactical way to fight enemies (I preferrably use hologram.)

Halo 4- Might include thrusters but because we aren’t getting a Master chief model in the campaign buta spartan 4 model, maybe we might get what spartan 4’s will have. All of the spartans increase in strength, butI’m not realy sure what we would get in this case. Though i think the sound of having grabs sounds iteresting. I’d have fun spending hours throwing people offa cliff but it should only work if the enemy has lost their shields.

Just me tossing in my 2 cents