Armour Abilities 2.0

It is clear, from watching the Halo 4 E3 teaser trailer, that armour abilities will probably be making a reappearance in halo4 in some form (or at least the jet pack). I suspect and hope it returns in the form of temporary power up pick ups as opposed to loadouts.

I have my own opinions on how AAs could be implemented:

<mark>Jet Pack</mark>- Limited fuel, no fuel recharge & no strange invisible ceiling.

<mark>Armour Lock</mark>- Was in my opinion game damaging in reach and so I would like to see it remained for h4 if included. Here are some of my ideas:

It could appear when active on the hud as a white bar just above the shield bar, I would again like limited juice that does not recharge, taking damage depletes the power up quicker, if shields are weakened or depleted it takes extra juice to recharge them, any overlap damage should afflict the player, also I think it would be cool if it could be <mark>activated mid air to prevent fall damage</mark> like how it was intended originally (which could lead to some funny splatters). Beyond that keep the vehicle splattering, emp exit, rocket deflection features ect. they were cool.

<mark>Active Camo</mark>- Limited juice, no recharge, activate and deactivate at players discretion, draws power away from shields when active, exit upon receiving damage, still appear on radar and become slightly more visible when moving quickly as well as create a slight static effect on other players huds when close.

<mark>Overshield</mark>- Classic (did they forget the armour effect in reach?)

Also I think <mark>Sprint</mark> should be separate and you should always have the ability regardless of having a power up.

I would like to hear your opinions on how AAs could be improved from Reach.

What you saw in the reveal trailer was a Booster Pack not a jet pack. Booster packs are for maneuvering in space. And just go back to equipment in my opinion.

What the guy over said, and the teaser trailer had nothing to do with actual game.

No to sprint, jetpack, camo ,os and AL.

Sprint slows the game down. Jetpack ruins every map, even maps that were designed around jetpack. Look at reach. Camo should be a pickup, so you actually have to fight for it. Same goes for OS. AL doesn’t require an explenation

My point was not whether or not AAs should be brought back , I’m sure there are plenty of forums discussing that, I had hoped to discuss what changes could be made to actually make them work well this time round if 343 indeed bought them back which I suspect they might.

I also preferred H3 Equipment and hope if AAs are included they are kept out of more competitive playlists or at least only used where appropriate.


I hope to god Halo 4 does not have AA’s, i just hope we get Halo back and not some gimmicky crap.