Armory and Obscene Credits


That is the amount of credits I will lose if I take them online (I am a nova in case you are wondering, and they have been adding up in firefights since 12/25/10)

I could care less about keeping the credits and the rank if I go online, but want to know if I will lose my completed armory (aside from waypoint items of course.

I found several threads on this issue and can’t find an answer about whether or not I will lose the armory items.

It’s been my understanding that losing those credits means you won’t have enough to be the required rank to unlock and wear the armor even though you did while you were offline.

It’s done this way to allow players who don’t have access to the internet to experience the armory at a faster rate since they don’t have access to the multiplayer, but prevents people from boosting offline and then transferring online and having everything with less effort than everyone else.

In short your answer is yes.

When you get credit and rank reset you loose everything and have to start again. I was General Grade 2 offline and I have been playing online for about 4 months ish and am just about to pass back into being General Grade 2 again. I am saving up for Incliment Weather and curfrently have 1,700,000 credits.