Which armor sets do u wanna get first in Halo 5 Guardians Arena and Warzone multiplayer? The Mark-IV? Hunter? Copperhead? List them right here!!!

Nothing matters more than the FOTUS!

Mark-IV all the way baby. Keeping the classics cool.

I’m set on just getting HellCat armor, it looks so cool.

Wearing the armor I wanted. Had it since the beta :3 Long live helioskrill.

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> Nothing matters more than the FOTUS!

I really wish FOTUS was still console exclusive, that being said I will be wearing my Helioskrill armor proudly because MCC in my opinion was awesome. I got to redo those missions and a sense of nostalgia.

Helioskrill as well.

Ill be wearing Helioskrill

It’s a mix between Venator and Hunter for me.

My avatar pic speaks for me.

Mark VI for now

I’m probably going to keep changing it as I unlock pieces.

I really want helljumper…its one of the rarest too so it’ll be a while lol.

Probably the basic athlon set, always liked it. And then i’ll be hoping for Centurion.


I really want Mark-IV or a variation of Athlon.

Noble armor cause Remember Reach

Scout, I have always been a big fan of it

all of them

Centurion, Frederic 104s armor