Armor you would like to see return in Infinite?

Here’s my top 5 in order.

  • Recon (Halo 3 & Reach) - Helioskrill (Only respect the people that earned from completing MCC;D ) - Emile/Wrath (Halo 5 & Reach) - CQB (Halo 3 & Reach) - Hayabusa (Halo 3)I hope infinite gives you more choice with customising your spartan. Reach definitely had the best customisation!
    Halo 3 Style Elite customisation too!
    Certainly should take notes from Halo 3 & Reach!
    Hope we actually have to earn some of our armor this time round too instead of ‘Req packs’.

I’m hoping and expecting some version of the mark v armor to return. CQB would also be nice. really I think any set from halo 3 would make a good addition. I also kinda hope the pilot helmet from reach and h5 show up but I’m not expecting it to be there.

This is My list in top 5 and extra needs.

  1. A New Gen 3 MK IV M.J.O.L.N.I.R armor that is based more off Halo Wars 2 Cinematic’s than Halo 5.
  2. A New Gen 3 MK V M.J.O.L.N.I.R armor that is based more off the 2001 original Halo:CE rather than any others but with the head smaller in proportion to body to give a sense of size and remastered to look really detailed.
  3. The Option to use Master Chief’s Gen 3 MK VI story suit in multiplayer.
  4. The Halo 2 Anniversary Cinematic Gen 1 MK VI in multiplayer.
  5. Playable elites(I don’t care about the armor much).

EXTRA NEEDS: For Elite customization to be interchangeable just like Spartan’s in Halo:Reach, Along with interchangeable armor pieces for Spartan’s just like in Halo:Reach, and finally, with a credit system like Reach, NO REQ’s PEEZ so that ALL can enjoy these epic armors and get the ones they want, not some random headpiece that kinda looks like a fishbowl. :slight_smile:

And YES Recon should surely be added.

  1. Achilles set from Halo 5.
  2. Recon from Reach/H5. I know, the H3 one is the original, but I loved the additions Bungie made to the Reach version.
  3. Commando (Elites) from H3.
  4. Zealot from Reach.
  5. Argus and Indomitable helmets from H5.
  6. Copperhead armor from H5.
  7. The “accessories” from Reach like the wrist datapad, knee guards, thigh utility, grenade belt, etc.

This is an ideal case, but it would be great to see every armor set from previous games make a return, save for 90% of the shovelware that was the H5 armory. H4 had some goofy looking armor, but I’m sure 343i can edit them to look more appropriate for a Spartan.

Shinobi and Mark VI GEN 1 scarred.

  1. Recon (Halo 3/Reach)
  2. Mark V (Halo 3/5)
  3. CQB (Halo 3/Reach)
  4. EVA (Halo Reach)

> 2533275001522797;5:
> Shinobi and Mark VI GEN 1 scarred.

I forgot about the Shinobi Armor, definitely should make a return!

  1. GEN 2 Hunter Variant
  2. GEN 2 Copperhead Variant
  3. GEN 1 EVA Helmet
  4. GEN 1.5? Mk VI from H2A
  5. GEN 1 Mk VB

Recruit and Warrior.


All of them.

Personally, I’m with the guy above me. I want them all to return, and I want them to add more in as well. We know the game is gonna be a “game as a service” sorta thing, atleast to a degree. So why not add new armor sets, or ones that existed prior to the end of Bungie? Because there is a fact that no one here really brings up: there is an entire generation of players that grew up with Halo 4/5, and that is their Halo, just as CE-Reach was ours. We can’t just ignore this massive playerbase just because we don’t like the new stuff from 343(which I actually do, I prefer his 4/5 armor to 2/3). I mean really, do you know how many people would be wearing Venator or Helioskrill? My guess a ton… though I personally don’t like either of the sets.

Well, maybe cut some out like Tracer, Seeker, an EVA type helmet or two, and maybe Seeker. Did I mention Seeker?

All of the Halo 3 helmets in their original designs, excluding Hayabusa if bringing it back isn’t feasible.

Scout from Reach independent of the Scout from 3. Any Reach sets that were redesigned in 4/5 should go back to the original designs, with the newer ones (if they fit the art style of Infinite) as their own independent sets as well. I’d also really like to see a Bungie inspired redesign of the Blue & Osiris team armor sets.

All of the elite sets from Halo 3 and Reach should return, but with the ability actually able to mix and match parts like you used to in Halo 3.

the military police helmet, but it would be cool if it actually received a full armor set this time

I want the E.O.D to come back.

I have a soft spot for Chief’s armor in Halo 4/5, so I’d love to get it for Multiplayer stuff.

Achilles halo 5
Shinobi armor
Warmaster armor
These armor’s are badass these should most definitely return in Halo Infinite :100:.