Armor won't update in Halo Waypoint

So I don’t know if others have this problem but my armor won’t seem to update in Halo Waypoint. It’s still the red recruit variant.
Anyone knows how to fix this issue?

(also why aren’t the stats sometimes not immediately updated after a slayer match?..or do they not count??)

I have the exact same problem… I dont know how to fix it though

I kinda had it solved…i already posted my reply on other threads so i’ll just copy-paste it here mate:

Is your halo 4 game, waypoint app, saved files etc saved on the console, a USB drive or the xbox internal drive? I had the same problem because my Game and all files were saved on a USB drive.But ever since I moved them to my new 250 gb Internal drive, my armor in waypoint is updated. Yes its low res buts cool to see. I don’t know about the stance though as I havent changed it to another since i moved my files.

But placing files on internal drive solved the armor issue for me. Hope this helps