Armor vs Armor

Not really a question but a personal poll.

Fotus for sure

I’m saying Achilles. FOTUS really isn’t my thing.

I dont really like any of these two,so I go with Achilles.

As much as I dislike both of these, I’ll have to go with FOTUS. Achilles has too sweaty of an atmosphere around it for my tastes.

Achilles, Fotus honestly looks ridiculous with that Horn, while the design looks alright, the Horn ruins it for me

I don’t know which to go for.

I don’t like both helmets, but I can say I like the Fotus’ chestplate and arm braces.


Why not both?

Achilles Helmet, Fotus Armor


Achilles but fotus if it didn’t have the horn.


Achilles. I’d rather wear armor based on an ancient figure rather than a mythical animal

Strictly in terms of appearance, I think Achilles is the obvious choice. But I can’t say I’m a fan of how it’s unlocked