Armor unlocks

If you played H3 back when it lit the world on fire you would remember the murmurings of “recon armor” and what you could do to unlock it. People weren’t obsessed with it but you definitely heard about this hidden armor that Bungie would bestow upon you after some weird challenge- like a blessing from some ethereal beast.

Not really a big fan of 343 blessing us with armor for arbitrary reasons but I’ve come up with fun way to unlock some very elite armors

Infinite should have unique and rare armors attached to specific achievements so people have a reason to do them- maybe something like unlocking different armor pieces right up until you complete the achievement and get the helmet.

An example of this would be armor you can only get by assassinating 30 spartans in MP and as you built up progress to the achievement you would eventually unlock the legs, the arms, chest, and finally the helmet.

It’s one thing to unlock an Xbox achievement is cool but completing a challenge and then getting armor?

I think armor unlock systems should be diverse according to the exotic status of the armor. Much like Recon or Haunted back in the day, seeing these armors would strike fear or adoration into the hearts of anyone who was near. Because we knew that the person wearing said armor was either very very good at the game, at the very least highly experienced. I propose that armor unlocks should be gotten from these methods in Halo Infinite:

Season Armors and/or Xp and credit unlocks— This method would rely on simply playing the game to unlock armors, much like MCC does it now or how Reach used to do it. You want a certain armor? You work for it. Put in the time, get what you want. Simple, easy, and fair.

Challenge Unlocks— Challenges are confirmed to be a thing in Halo Infinite. Perhaps have special armors or at the least, attachments and utility obtained by completing these challenges, possibly seasonal Challenges or monthly challenges for smaller items.

Achievement Unlocks— Achievements being Completing the campaign on Legendary, Completing the Campaign on LASO, finding all the skulls, getting every achievement in base game, getting a certain amount of kills, etc. Think Hayabusa or Katana. This would signify not only experience, but skill too.

Premium Microtransactions— An inevitable evil, however I highly highly doubt that any armors would be locked behind this. I would moreso say that micros will be reserved for things like special coatings, charity movements, weapon charms, etc. No armors.

I strongly hope that all of these methods will be used for the acquisition of armor. Namely, a special end-of-season, limited time armor or other customization type. What I mean is, at the end of the season, before the next season starts, you get a special epic reward for making it all the way through the season and you can only get that reward during that season and not after. Just an idea, but yeah I agree, I miss armors being locked behind achievemnets or max-level unlocks.

EDIT- I also wanna point out legacy rewards too. That’s all.

While I do appreciate achievements unlocking armor, I also liked how Halo 4 tied them to the commendations.

What I’d like to see handled better though, is purposefully tying armor unlocks to achievements and commendations that actually promote the specialization of a Spartan that would wear that armor.

CQC being tied to Shotgun commendations. Security being tied to commendations revolving around defensive objectives in matches, like defending the base. Mark VI specifically being tied to the achievement for beating the game on Legendary etc.

Past challege-based unlock systems didn’t coordinate the lore of armor functionalities with the challenges used to unlock them, and that was a huge missed opportunity to me. Showing off that you are a die-hard sniper by completing all the sniper-based commendations, and wearing the full set of Jun’s Scout armor, an armor coating that gives you his exact colors, and a weapon skin that makes your sniper look like Nornfang would really make that player feel immersed in how they earned that look the way a Spartan would actually do it.

I would get in to how commendations would be way better if they were awarded for performing skill-based feats as opposed to just racking up the kill/win counters, (things like getting a Be the Bullet medal, or reaching a certain multikill medal with one specific weapon or vehicle) but that’s not on the topic of this thread.