Armor types not seen yet

So who would like to see Naomi’s Spartan armor in Halo 5?
Also what armor do you REALLY want to see in Halo 5?

GEN1 ODST helmet with GEN1 Mk VI body.

CQB from 3

Emiles armor from reach


S-B312 + Mk IV

proper mk5

The Decimator set that we’re getting soon is essentially Naomi’s. Although they kind of butchered it like H5’s MkV (bleh).

Hopefully, they’ll have Master Chief’s armor like they had in the campaign. They already have armors for Fred, Linda, and Kelly, but what about John?


Master Chief’s Halo 4/5 armor
Emile’s Armor
Grenadier Armor

All of the pre 343 armour.

Can I get Kats arm from Reach?

As strange as this sounds…but,i’d like to see the Prefect armor from Halo 4.

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> All of the pre 343 armour.

Not ALL of the 343 armor is “bad”

And the one that I REALLY want to see is the Rogue helmet from Halo 3 (the first design) I just don’t like the Gen2 version

Proper ODST. ODST & Wetwork are my favourite armour sets.

Can we get Chiefs actual campaign armour…?

Decimator is essentially MK VII for the IV’s so there you go. And to the guy asking for Emile’s helmet, what you mean to say is you want an EVA skin with the skull scratch because EVA is the helmet Emile wore, they just had the skull scratch as a separate helmet to customize.

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