Armor that should be brought back in Halo 4

Hey guys,

I was thinking that 343 should bring back some armor after I saw some news that a company that works for 343 did a mock up of the Hayabusa armor with Halo 4 graphics. I would like them to bring back the Mjolnir Mark VI[A] Rouge helmet (from Halo 3)

So put what armor you would like to see in, and if there should be an achievement that should be associated with it

I also think that they should put in the Mark V helmet

Halo 3 Rogue
Halo 3 Recon, seriously. Why do they keep messing with it?
Sniper Shoulders

ODST armor

> ODST armor

It’s called Recruit now sadly.

More brimmed helmets.

Pretty much any/every halo reach helmet (bar EVA C, Scout, Gungnir), many of the new ones, or replacers, just plain suck.

I know this is a post about what armors we wish were in the game but first i want to dog how horrible looking the new ones. EWWWWWWWW!

I liked the scout helmet and the rogue helmet from halo 3. Security helmet was so ugly and it’s pretty much painting a target at your face. Mark V and Mark VI were also cool.

What i did like the most is the customization from halo: reach. That was awesome. Helmets from there i would like to see in halo 4 would be; grenadier, Hazop with the CNM-I mod and the Operator helmet with the UA/HAL mod.

I sported the operator helmet for sooooo long.

Security armor Halo Reach

Military þolice Helmet from " Reach " =)

> > ODST armor
> It’s called Recruit now sadly.

Only the helmet is similar.

I would like the ODST Shoulders and Chest Plate back.

Let me rephrase that hayabusa armor or pilot or security

H4’s odst helmet is air assualt

CQB, military police, and ODST

Barring console hardware restrictions I say every helmet armor ever seen in multiplayer, should be in multiplayer. Canon is fun and all, but so are the arcade style options that just don’t care about canon.

Bring on the classics, bring on the lightning, flaming skulls, confetti headshots, samurai swords, and all those awesome things as yet uncreated.


I feel every one on the O.D.S.T armor…
But also i think the air assault looks more like O.D.S.T. than the recruit and i think that they should add some more leg armors i feel like we got kinda jipted in that armor group. Also do you think the emblem should be more visible like it was in halo 2 & 3?

Just the ones missing from Halo 3. For something like the Rogue that got replaced, just give it another name. I understand the Hayabusa can’t come back, since that was just a special thing between Bungie and Team Ninja. Also, 343 should hold a contest to design a Halo 4 armor set. The winner gets his set put in the game.

EVA Carved skull because its badass

Mark V.

Enough said