Armor suit

Hi first post on here just been searching around the internet trying to find where i can get my own suit of armor im not talking about the lame Halloween costumes u can buy but the full on amazing looking stuff from the reach commercials like birth of a spartan or deliver hope i know the suits are out there somewhere and i know they probably cost a pretty penny but i think it would be worth saving up for to own one they just look so completely bad -Yoink-- sorry if that’s not aloud- any information on where to look or who to talk to would be awesome.

P.S. huge fan of your work bungie and 343 please keep up the great work

P.P.S who else would pay for a suit like this? I cant be the only one.

The 405th is probably the best place.

> The 405th is probably the best place.

405th, one of the damn best communities with in Halo’s community, and damn good at cross play.