Armor style change in H4/5 explained?

So everyone knows that Spartan armor changed drastically in Halo 4 and even more so in Halo 5 and I think Halo Infinite just explained why. Somewhere in the armory/customization lore menus of Infinite it talks about Dr. Halsey’s input being used to design the next generation of armor and that got me thinking that her absence in 4 and 5 (being with Jul M’dama) is what led to such a drastic change in aesthetics. Basically the change in style and subsequent return to a more “classic” design has been canonically explained, right?


As far as Mjolnir armor goes, there’s a somewhat explanation to why GEN3 looks different that being Halsey was included in the design of Mark VII as you said. Also, GEN1 Mark VII was used as a test bed for GEN3 Mjolnir. That’s why the Mark VII armor core seems to draw upon the Mark V(B). GEN2 Mjolnir also wasn’t designed just by ONI’s Materials Group, multiple independent companies designed armor for the Spartan-IVs. With the Marines, the UNSC logo, and the vehicles, I think that was more of a retcon type of situation although I could be wrong. There might be an explanation in Infinite as to why the Marines are wearing armor that looks similar to Halo 2 and the vehicles.


I hate retcons, usually because they’re some sort of ham fisted attempt to fix a mistake. But in the case of the marine armor I can overlook it!

I can definitely overlook it and just chalk it up to some head canon reason. The Marines looks awesome in this game. I see halo 2 and Reach combinations the most with how they look.

there is a canon explanation. in Halos Reach-3, the armor we see is MJOLNIR Gen-1 (the armor from the ANVIL update for Halo 3 MCC is prototype Gen-2). in Halos 4-5, the armor is Gen-2, it is designed differently from Gen-1, in favor of increased mobility, lighter armor, and an easier/quicker method of equipping/swapping of armor components (Gen-1 took hours to just put on, Gen-2 takes minutes as the armor would be mounted to the wearer’s tech suit, instead of having to be assembled around the wearer). in infinite, the armor is Gen-3, it has a more classic design as it is heavily based off the experimental Mark VII Gen-1. Gen-3 also returns to a Gen-1 way of equipping the armor (or, at least something similar) , being assembled around the wearer.