Armor Specializations Release Date?

Hello forum members maybe you can help me with this, i just reached level 50 and went to go for the armor specializations to see there were only two instead of all 8. now i know that all 8 are only available for the limited edition players at the moment, but i was wondering when they will become available for the general players? i would really like to work on the pioneer class yet its not available to me at this time. i heard that Nov 20th was the day but can anyone confirm or deny this claim?

20 th was the date for those who have st edition and have played online until 2 weeks before launch , for all the rest like you and me we only have wetworks and operator available at the time , it has been a rumor tho that the rest of the spec will be released “early in 2013” as for the date I do not know lad

well that is just great… very weak, very weak