Armor / Spartan Customization & Shop Prices and Armors


I’ve seen that a lot of people are having issues with this topic in general and overall.

This comes all the way from the small details to the biggest details.

I believe that I need to put my opinion for feedback here and for everyone to add their own feedback as a comment. The quatity makes power into eyes of 343 i.

1.- Body Types: I believe that the body types on Halo Infinite need more fixing. The female type of body does not feel as female and the male type feels okay, generic type. Also the nautral body type is the one in the middle. Which is common logic. I think this can be fix in a future update into adding to the multiplayer a full body type customization. This is just so MMORPG type. But it works! You have a full body customization to do the body as you want! This will remove any gender identity issues. (I do not think will be a fast update for this but if is a game that will last 10 years. they have plenty of time).
2.- Armor Cores: Mark V - Mark VII. I understand that they are both different and way different cores of design and technology, but it could be nice that I can have a Mark VII with a helmet of a Mark V. Just like an old spartan updating its core armor but wants to have his old helmet. I mean that is also a good logic into doing this.
3.- Paint Customization: The paint customization I believe that they could have a full palette to have the color I WANT for my armor, but this wasn’t the case. I understand the process of free to play and pay to have a awesome customization. But you can work around to have amazing colors or designs or something on the armor to pay and have just a full palette of colors.
4.- AI Customization: I would like freedom on AI Voice selection and more AI options to have with you on multiplayer.
5.- Paint Designs: Camo designs, stripe designs, custom designs and color cores that match it.


At the beginning I was okay with the battle pass and the costs of each one of the armors, they after playing and playing and playing, I over come into one decision. You do not have a “damn you have this armor because you beat the entire campaign with all skulls activated on legendary”. No, now is “Damn, he have the complete battle pass or this shop armor because he paid a bunch of money”.

This, is, not, HALO!

Halo always gave us armor when doing crazy stuff on campaign or multiplayer or because you played enough to have it or because you saved up so much credits to buy it on in game non purchasable credits.

Now, I don´t say that purchasable armors are not okay, I believe that they are and people can buy them but with a reasonable price. I mean $20 for an armor and a skin that CAN´T be used on Mark V, or Yokoi. Then those $20 are going straight to your Mark VII armor that your battle pass is for Mark V and future usage of passes and purchable item will be Mark V because there was not many armor of Reach or Halor CE, Halo 2, Halo 3 armors are Mark V.

They will really need to stop the money gathering too much, because if all Halo community says. WE WILL NOT PURCHASE. We will NOT do it and they will be broke. Because the community is the base of the pillar and if the base does not want there will be no pillar.

They need to make a good process into purchases, cores, freedom of painting, XP progression, Additional Currency that is not premium, Events that are not 3-4 months to complete, Universal Cores, Universal Armors, Universal visors, make adjustments on the store on prices and items. $20.00 is worth more than 1 armor 1 core and 1 sticker.

I know is beta, I really hope that they can fix all this. Because, people does not see worthiness on the purchase.

This is my opinion, I want to hear yours.

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I dont like that the armor is not interchangeable like it waz in Reach…maybe they might change that in the future idk…i also bought one of the team armor packs Cloud9 because i thought i could apply the color scheme to all my armors and i cant SMH

well said fellow spartan. If you dont mind, I made a thread to try and consolidate all of the feedback into one easy to follow thread. the name of the thread is

changes ideas and overall feedback for all