Armor Sorting

I just wish that Halo 5 had the ability to sort armors and helmets rather than show them in the order unlocked. I don’t want one helmet to have a pattern in the start of the list then the same helmet with a different pattern to be so far down the list I can’t compare them side by side. Maybe have the “base” version of the helmet/armor appear and when you click on it a little drop down menu appears to show you the unlocked skins for it? Anyone else have this thought?

Yeah, I’d like something like this. I hate having to scroll for a minute to find helmets I want to compare.

Yeah, or at the very least have the ability to hit RB/LB to scroll through them faster. I have 223 armor sets so it takes awhile. A Favorites feature would be cool. Have the ability to favorite a helmet or armor set and it’ll be displayed at the front of the list. Favorite however many you’d like.

Reach UI needs to come back it would make it easier to find armor.