Armor= Side Missions

So I had this idea that would make the replayibility skyrocket. You know those descriptions for armor? My favorite is Hellcat, but what if every time you unlocked armor there was a mission that went with it? Something that the armor is specifically designed for (underwater mission for MAKO- armor would be awesome). That way, people would actually want armor that they would never wear (SEEKER), give us a ton of content, add so much more to the canon, and so on. The description for the Wild Hunt visor would make a great mission. What do you guys think?

If your on about playing the campaign. I had to force my self to finish it and in the end I only did because I had no internet for a while.

Ive been wanting to finish it on legendary but haven’t bothered cause it’s not like I enjoyed the campaign.

Good idea, but it would probably cost quite a sum

It would be veey cool but would take a lot of time to plan out.

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> Good idea, but it would probably cost quite a sum

Yeah. This concept will likely work on a open world type game.
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