Armor Proposal Moving Forward

I’m a fashion nerd through and through, and one of the few things I’ve seen consistently complained about is the lack of rewarding customization, with the biggest one being colors. I’m not sure what steps are being taken for crosscore at this moment, but if 343 is taking feedback from this forum, then I have something in mind.

Making the Mk.V[B] free with the Winter Update was a great choice, but I feel you can do more along this idea. With battle passes from this point on, I feel like the core suit itself should be free at the first unlock. Take, for example, the SPI suit coming in Season 3, because I’m not saying the passes should be entirely free. Infinite’s MP is free, they have to make their money somehow.

At least this way, F2P players aren’t left in the dust. They can at least accessorize with whatever weekly or free rewards they get from the pass, even if its meager. That might incentivize them to pay for the pass later, or at the very least, don’t feel like they’re left out with the basic Mk.7.