Armor pieces, more please?

Ok i know the game still needs work in lots of different areas (weapon balancing, particularly the carbine), but i can’t be the only person who has been disappointed by the armor in halo 4, half of the list isn’t even other armor its new armor skins, to me this is a lazy mans way out of making new armor.

A lot of the armor in the game looks kinda cool, but they have lost that halo feel with most of them, i do like that they are trying to mix it up a bit but it would even be nice to get armor from the previous games, wouldn’t be too hard to cut and paste over a few models considering this is run in the same engine.

I wouldn’t mind more armor, but I feel like they should make the textures more metallic like. They look plastic-y right now, and it kinda turns me away from wearing most of them.

I think that’s more a problem with the colors though, remember how vibrant they were in the trailers? where did that go. lol

I like the setup I have now, but I wouldn’t mind more.

It’s a new art direction, so I kinda get why they changed it up a lot. But I seriously doubt they’ll add new armor to halo 4.
In all seriousness I remember reading a lot of threads about armor DLC back during Reach but the problem with it is that it would apparently require a huge TU to do which is why we probably wont see any, at least not for Halo 4.