Armor organization?

There should totally be a way to organize all the armor you’ve unlocked right? I hate scrolling though in the order I unlocked them… or am I missing something?

Yes, we need this. Maybe group the variants in their own sub groups…


well grouping in own sub groups would make sense, but…that would require a sub menu and that’s hard, so it probably won’t happen, just look at the playlists

I just feel like it’s wayyyy too unorganized. I get that it’s in this like… “you unlocked it” order but it’s so messy, I hate it.

-Alphabetical Order
-Have all the diffrent kinds of armor: Mark VI, Hellcat, Scout, ect
-Then when you click on them you see all the variants of them you have unlocked
-Pick the variant you wih to wear

This is what I want to make going through armor so much easier.