Armor not unlocking in-game & stuck at install

Nightfall and mark v1 gen 1 Armor are not unlocking in-game, however, I can access them and make changes to my Armor and wear them on halowaypoint from my phone and then it shows on my Spartan when I log in to play online on my Xbox. I have completed the requirements but I want them to unlock in the actual game, it’s driving my OCD absolutely bonkers at the moment. Any one know a solution? I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you in advance!!

Another random issue that is bothering me is the ‘war zone req bundle’ is stuck installing. Previously, it was stuck at 79% but I cancelled it and reinstalled and now it’s stuck at 90%. This time it won’t cancel and there is no option to reinstall. Again, anyone know a solution? Thank you for helping me out! Much appreciated.